Tuesday, January 10, 2012


December and now January have proved to be incredibly trying months from many different angles of life. Surprisingly my health is not one of those aspects. So, today, when I got a large bag with my name on it that instructed me to open one gift after doing my nebulizer (breathing) treatments each day as motivation, you can image my joy. In fact the joy was so overwhelming that it overflowed from me like a waterfall.

You know I get many many words of encouragement, which I love and will always need from time to time. But this gift was so thought out and so perfect as a jump start to gaining motivation or the reward factor of changing a schedule to accommodate the treatments. Even though I am almost 30 years old, I still need to be rewarded. And let me tell you its so much more pressure (positive) to earn a reward from someone else, rather than me giving myself the reward. I feel obligated to follow thru on my end of the bargain you'd say.

My first gift was a lollipop and a little printed "you can do it" message. While I was doing my treatment tonight, I thought about all the parents who attempt tirelessly to get their children to sit still and do their treatments how great something like this would be. A simple gift to pull from a bag if one does their medications is marvelous. It could be a sticker, piece of candy, a piece of change to put in their piggy banks (dime or a quarter) or whatever your child would enjoy. I also think that this idea works for any adult who maybe going thru a rough time.

Do you know someone who could use a few days of encouragement or motivation? Maybe give this a try it sure warmed my heart and put a fire under my backside.

Thank you Nancy for this wonderful gift.

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