Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today, I see so much to be thankful. So much so that its hard to pin point just one thing to focus on. However, today its not about me or the blessings in my life but about two children many borders away.

My dear friend and her husband will finally be able pour their love onto these children and let them know they are not alone, they have a mama and daddy who are desparate for them. These children will begin the journey of understanding what its like to have a family, to feel the love that comes from a family, to know that God has a plan for them and to have the opportunity to have life outside of institiutionalization.

Their story can be read at Treasures Over the Rainbow.

I am thankful that God hears our prayers. I am thankful that I have been a small part of their journey, for it has changed me, these children and countless others just like them have changed me into a better human. I can't wait to see how these children blossom under the unconditional love of a family.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secret to Finishing a 5k: Playing the Winning Card

As April 1st quickly, a bit too quickly I might add, rolls upon us so does my goal of running another 5k. The Race for the Roses 5K is fairly flat and straight. The flat part I am beyond grateful for but the straight part has me a bit uneasy.

When running in a straight line or path its really easy to see just how slow your moving. You can see each and every mental marker. The way I run is that I see something, like a stop sign and think to myself, okay just make it to that, then once I have accomplished getting to the stop sign (or whatever) I pick a new mental marker. With each marker I pass I gain confidence and stamina. But the straight line leaves you watching that marker for what seems like all eternity. Thus leaving you to play the mind vs willpower game. Which to be honest is not a game I usually win. However, I have a winning card up my sleeve for just this kind of emergency.

My card is B, who will be running in front of me and let me just say, a 6'2" man does not naturally run at the same pace as a 5'4" gal. His stride is much larger than mine, which places is pace far ahead of me and when he slows down his pace it throws off his mental game, allows more wear & tear on the joints and is just as difficult as keeping a pace that is too fast. He has graciously obliged to run the slow pace because he loves me and because he knows how difficult this goal really is for me. The plan is that he will be running just far enough ahead of me for me to watch his feet. To see the momentum of forward motion, to allow my eyes to feed my brain the motion of running so that willpower to simply stop and walk does not take over.

I have been training so I don't expect to be using my winning card until mile 2.5-3. I have had to make a few changes to my training schedule because of not feeling well, aching joints (arthritis) and the weather. So I haven't gotten to the point in my training that I had hoped. I am not going to let this drag me down though. I am going to run the race and I don't care what my time is. My goal is to simply run the entire 5k.

I have always told myself that there is no failure in making adjustments to my training schedule. It would be a failure to completely give up; which I don't do.

Here's to hoping my secret to finishing is playing my winning card, after all, the card is pretty darn amazing!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Warm snuggly blankets are what I am thankful for today.

I have been addicted to blankets since I was born. Going in and out of hospitals helped infused this accessory to my hip. I hate being cold and anyone who has had an IV knows that they don't always let the medications come to room temperature before beginning the infusion, thus literally cooling your blood. A blanket is an essential piece to my hospital pack that is loaded with comforts from home.

I also love them because they feel like someone is wrapping their arms around you even when they can't be with you. I have many blankets. Some have been store bought, some have been handmade, but each was given to me for a purpose; support and comfort.

Another aspect to this blanket addiction that is hard to kick is that I just simply love the snuggle factor. I love a soft warm blanket on my skin when I sit to read, watch tv, do my nebulizer, etc. It used to be that any old blanket would suffice but as I have grow in adulthood (I think I've made it there), I try to match my blankets to the rooms d├ęcor.

Today I am thankful for this little throw blanket that is keeping me warm and fashionable while I watch the snow fall in March.

Do you have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, peice of clothing, etc that makes you feel snuggly?


Monday, March 19, 2012


For some odd reason on Friday I could not get the date 3/16 out of my head. I searched my calendar, thinking I had some engagement, I checked my email thinking possibly someone had proposed doing/meeting/something on this date. I just felt I was missing something. It very unusual of me to forget something all together. I mean, I do have to cancel plans more frequently than I would like due to health stuff, but for the most part I always call/notify those involved of my absence. I would like to also note that when I do plan something I am always 10-15 minutes early. Just my OCD.

So, as you can tell I was super stressed about the possibility of  missing something.

As the day went on many frustration arose. The most significant was finally getting thru to Social Security regarding a letter that states "I am not disabled and my health has improved since 2003." Wow...I can't believe I had no idea that my health had improved {input sarcasim}. Quite the contrary dear social security. Regardless, I had until 3pm Friday afternoon to dispute their findings. So, lovely of them to call me back after 5 messages and speaking with numerous people who had no idea what my next step should be or could be. Yet, I was never once told I had a strict deadline of tens from the date of the letter.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am not gonna lie. Today my blinders are on, making it difficult to see the blessings. Its super easy to get catch up in the flow of complaining and feeling sorry for oneself instead of looking outside the box to recognize what is good and wonderful about/in our lives.

Today on this Thursday my box seems too large see the outside edges but this is exactly why I copied the idea of taking one day to stop in my tracks and be thankful. My goal is to attempt to change the direction of my thoughts, which takes energy and focus, but once the wheel is spinning in a positive direction it will take more to reverse the cycle thus allowing all the negativity to fall off with little effort.

I am thankful for the rain. Most PacNW folk will think I am crazy but hear me out. We get a lot of rain. Sometimes so much rain that is causes backyard flooding and the inconvenience of getting drenched just walking 150 ft to the car. However, one of the main reasons most people LOVE this part of the country is because of its lush green vegetation, rivers to fish and mountains to ski. Without all this rain, what we love about the PacNW would not be.

So, today, as my backyard is floods and my hair is impossibly frizzy. I am thankful for the rain.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rockin' G-tube Accessories

Have you ever googled an image? Ever wonder where all those "homemade" photos come from? Well, they come from blogs just like this one. Interesting? Yes. Maybe. No

Well, today I was trying to find images of g-tubes like mine. I found thousands. The spectrum of age ranges are from very sweet babies that are days old to the very wise elderly. I don't feel so alone.

My point? I found these super duper cute covers for g-tubes. These particular ones are a bit juvenile for me but it inspired me to attempt to make a few for myself. How cool would I look in my bathing suit this summer with some rockin' g-tube cover? The other really awesome part is that you can make them in whatever type of material is most comfortable to you. Total customization.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I want to start a new trend here and I am copying a friend (for the record). However, I love what my blogger friend has done. Each Thursday he writes a post labeled "thankful thursday" and I have looked forward to reading what they're thankful for each week. Then, today, the 'thankful thursday' post came out and it got me thinking, why am I so excited to hear what others are thankful for yet not take a second to stop and think about what I am thankful for? So, in order to help me focus on what I am thankful for I too am going to have a thankful Thursday post.

Without further ado.......

I am thankful for forgiveness. 

I am an emotional person and many times those emotions get pushed deep down in the pits of my soul. As most know that when we hold something in, it will eventually become too big to contain, thus unleashing when we least expect it. 

So, today, I am focusing on being thankful for forgiveness. I am thankful God built us with this great capacity. I am thankful that I can forgive and live life free from the burdens of being hurt, saddened, mistreated, etc. I am thankful that those around me have the capacity to forgive so that they can live life free of the burdens of me or anyone hurting them, causing them great sadness or any other wrongful thing I do to them.

I am so so so beyond thankful for forgiveness.

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