Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Like Clock Work?!

Its Fall. Its fairly easy to tell when Summer slips away letting Fall sneak in here in the PacNW. The days become ever-so-slightly shorter, the leaves on the trees begin turing a beautiful burnt orangish/red color,  the temperatures are cooler and the early morning hours have a crispiness to the air with just enough fog to give the hours just prior to sunrise a mysterious feeling. There becomes more rainy days then sunny days leaving you wanting to snuggle with a blanket and book in front of the fire. This is Fall.

My body knows Fall. I am coming to the conclusion that with Fall comes illness; for me. It's like clock work around here. September or October and I'm out of commission. I haven't the faintest idea as to why or how.

Maybe, I get caught up in the Summer time fun, thus draining myself of the reserves necessary for when the weather changes and/or the cold/flu season hits?

Maybe, there's something in the air as Fall approaches that my body doesn't like?

Maybe, my CF is on a cycle, wherein everything works great, treatments do their job and then the bugs find a loop hole, causing an exacerbation?

Whatever it may be I can tell you its Fall.

Just like we can expect Summer to turn to Fall, I, too have change from healthy to sick. My leaves (mucus) have changed colors, my days are shorter (naps) and I feel cold and foggy wanting to snuggle with a blanket and book by the fire.

At last, its just a season. With its own beauty, lessons and renewal.

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