Thursday, January 17, 2013

There and Back Again...A Tale of a CF'er

Its been awhile. I know. Lots has happened both magical and not-so-rosy stuff. From a hospitalization in early October to a lovely dream come true vacation to being sick just before said vacation to a crazy holiday season to being sick again.

There and Back...again!

The past few months I have not been healthy. Just when it seems like we've got it under control and I actually begin to feel slightly better I find myself sitting in the doctors office getting another round of drugs, blood work, etc.

Its toying with my emotions. Like boarder line depression. I'm whinning. I'm getting this out of my mind and soul so I can see the sunshine. I want to be "there" as in back to my base line. I worked so hard for two years, the results were inspiring, but this stint of "back" as in sick is sucky.

As it stands today my lung are rocking FEV1 is 82%, weight is a healthy 123#, energy level is way low, sinuses are looking nasty with a nasty culture of Pseudomonas.

Game plan: tackle the sinus problem. Antiobitics, steroides (I jokingly asked if i'd "bulk" up) and a CT scan.

I should note that I have the most compassionate CF Care Team. Amongst my ugly crying today in clinic they compassionately lovingly guided me back to sanity.

This picture I took on the drive into the city for clinic this morning and it really captures how I feel inside. A ray of light buried among the fog and clouds. But the fog will lift I'm certain!

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