Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Still Breathing....Promise!

Who has a blog yet doesn't write for over 3-months. Oops! Sorry, for the unannounced break. I sort of took a break from all social media. A lot happens inside social media communities, particularly one with the majority whom suffer from a terminal illness. The terminal part starts to take a toll and hit WAY to close to home.

But I've reconciled and I'm back.

Life is good over here. I'm fairly healthy. I'm training for my second attempt at a half marathon in Sept. 

The past few months I've:

Gone to physical therapy to help the muscles in my back. They spasm from coughing so much, they do what's known as muscle scrapping. Which involves taking a stainless steel tool and literally scrapping along the muscle to help the muscle fibers lay flat. I generally end up pretty bruised but I'm a believer!

I've gone on a few hikes. This was such a fun day as we hiked up Saddle Mountain. 

  (My two Sister-in-laws (left) and Mother-in-law (right))

These girls remind me to NOT take myself so seriously.  Sometimes CF is all consuming and they break me out of that, reminding me that life is about SO much more and that is OK to laugh.

Then we celebrated the 4th of July. In March we moved to a small town about 20 miles west of Portland, OR. Turns out we get a free fire work show from our front yard

Then last weekend we pedaled for 32 miles for the CF Cycle for Life. I was so honored that one of my physician rode with my extended family and myself.

I do believe that brings you up to speed. All in all I've been do fabulously. I'm also back into training for an upcoming half marathon in September. Life has me busy which is better than the alternative. 

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, text and contacted me via FB. I promise life is good!

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