Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Where I Am

Today, I'm in a much different place than....say.... this time last year.

Today I listen to sad music and watch sad movies with ridiculously sad plots because for some crazy reason it makes me feel closer to death. My death. Unpleasant?!

Sure...but that's where I live and survive. Somehow the grayness pushes me to successes. The world of unpleasantries is grey with no sunshine. The world where no one survives is my reality. No one with CF comes out unscarred, or unnamed. I lose a minimum of 2 friends a week.  My world is a marry-go-around of emotions. I log onto FB or  some other social media forum and find out that another CF'er has lost their battle.  Emotions run raw.

Do I trust God? Do I seek revenge? Do I pass over it as though I've never heard their name?


God is forever good. He alone can turn devastation into love. My God is awesome.

I'm at a place of love. God has used me to show hope and promise. God has used others with and without CF to show hope and promise. Today, I'm home thinking and pondering God's journey for me. I do believe my path lies in helping those who need it. I will encourage and support.

I'm engrossed in about 10 books. All centered on God. All showing what hope is out there if we accept. I love my God.

I'm at a place of love. Of God. My reading list is all centered on God, He alone has brought me to this place. He is my salvation, no other! I hope you can trust how great my God is.

God helped me achieve my goal of completing a half marathon. I truly have no doubts.

I don't discriminate. God loves us ALL. I believe that whole heartily. God knew from the beginning of time what kind of difficulties we'd face. He is here to deliver us. Sin or Saint. I'm most certainly a sinner.

Engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage, yet I'm forgiven. Having taken drugs, yet I'm forgiven. Harboring hate in my heart, yet I'm forgiven. So, much more....yet I'm forgiven.

My God is amazing!  His love can move you. Can restore you. Whether you identify as homosexual, gay or lesbian, jew or gentile. His love is redemptive. I love ALL of God's people.

I'm in a place of reading, cooking and simply living in the presents of those who love me.

I love finding a new recipe to cook. I love setting the table for six rather than 2. I love feeding those I hold near and dear. I love all that God has provided.

I've identified as a self-mover. Meaning....I'm moved. No else could pick my feet up or my head.... just God.

The more I got to know God I came to understand how he loves us. His love is what lifted my feet and head. He alone carried me when my body was weak. He loves me enough to see my dreams come true. He rejoices as I succeeded.

I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I hurt my knee during my first attempt at a half-marthon for a reason. The reason was hard to understand at first...but its for His glory. God gave me a reason to take a break....to breathe...so that I could see what had been accomplished. What so many had pushed me to achieve. I'm so grateful.

Where I am is place of worship. A place where God is completely in control. As place of understanding. Man, my God is amazing. I sure hope you spend sometime getting to know Him. To understand how much He loves YOU. To build a relationship that is so deep, nothing...I mean NOTHING...can separate you from Him.

Do you know my God?

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