Thursday, March 20, 2014

Something to Celebrate

I'm sure many of you get tired of hearing about me running. I'm sure many are asking the question "what's the big deal?" "how many times can someone be joyous about exercise?"......RIGHT?!

I ask the same questions and the answer never changes.

Because I can! 

Because someday I won't have the capacity to exercise!

I celebrate the simple fact that I can run, I can exercise, I can get down and push my bodies limits.

Almost daily, I read about someone with CF struggling to breathe. Daily, I read that someone I share a disease with has died.

When I'm running I feel alive. My muscles burn and my heart feels like its gonna leap from my chest but I feel so incredibly alive.

When I ache from CF I feel the exact opposite, I feel weary. Running gives me perspective and I celebrate that.

Each run- no matter the distance, gives me a reason to celebrate. I achieved my goal. Each successful training session is reason to celebrate. I can't tell you how many times I've been brought to tears just because I accomplish my training goal, there is no feeling like being alive.

What's your reason to celebrate?


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Honored! Top 35 CF Blogs

I'm so honored that someone has placed me and this space where my thoughts become words as worthy enough to nominate as one of the Top 35 CF Blogs.

I started this space for therapeutic purposes but it has slowly transformed into so much more. Just as this blog has transformed so have I. I've realized the power of turning pain into purpose, strive into success and sadness into beauty.

My greatest goal for this space is to inspire my readers and fellow CF'ers to see this disease differently than the heartbreak it often brings. To see the humanity in it.

Thank you ALL, I'm tremendously honored.

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