Thursday, March 10, 2016

Inflammatory Polyarthritis

The past few months have been brutal on the health front. After my December hospitalization and subsequent battle with the serum sickness/sensitivity I never have felt quite back to normal. My joints have been very painful, which have required 3 rounds of prednisone and pain medication for the break-through pain. 

Last month I saw a Rhuematologist who has diagnosed me with Inflammatory Polyarthritis. Which is becoming more frequent in adults with CF. Yay, more fun! I started on a new medication in conjunction with the prednisone as it takes a few months for the new medication to build up in ones system to be fully effective. 

Can I just tell you how much I hate prednisone. I hate the mood swings. I hate the spiked blood sugars. I hate the insomnia. I just simply, plainly hate it. 

I really hope this new medication does it and I can say adios to the prednisone induced cray-cray. 

So, now I'm on a journey called Inflammatory Polyarthritis. Having an autoimmune disease on top of the CF, diabetes, along with the other diagnoses feels so overwhelming. However, I'm doing as much research as I can on it so I can be informed and hopefully make choices that aid in reducing the inflammation.  

Interestingly enough arthritis in the CF population is large enough to have it's own diagnosed "Cystic Fibrosis Related Arthritis" or CFRA. Aren't we special? HA!

Due to all this inflammation and painful episodes I haven't been running. I didn't want to aggravate any joints or bones while we are trying to figure out a treatment plan. I'm hoping that once I begin to transition off the prednisone and let the new medication to it's job I'll be able to lay some rubber.

Here's to hoping!


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